Bent on Love

A Bent Button Anthology

The Shortest RomDrama, The Shortest RomCom, and The Shortest Adult Film
Written & Directed by Jake Mattis
Starring Mike Lobman & Ann Molin
Cinematography by Weslee Sixkiller

Text to Speech 1:193:04
Written & Directed by Naomi Elegant
Starring Vanessa Moody & Brendan Taliaferro
Cinematography by Weslee Sixkiller
Editing by Ann Molin

Love at First Sight 3:548:30
Directed & Edited by Arsh Arora
Starring Mike Lobman & Alyssa Chang
Cinematography by Dennis Kim

Love is in the Air 8:3211:11
Directed by Ann Molin & Dennis Kim
Starring Dennis Kim with Weslee Sixkiller, Dani Resar, Michael Molisani, Megz Srivatsa, Mike Lobman, Nick Blackburn
Cinematography & Editing by Ann Molin

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