On Set

Wondering what it takes to make a movie? A lot!

Here are some roles in which you might find yourself while working with us!


The director is responsible for all artistic elements of the project. They work with the producer to cast the project and determine filming locations. The director also creates a shot breakdown of the script, assists the Production Designer in creating artistic elements, and directs the actors on the day of the shoot. If you have an artistic vision for a project, make it come to life with us!


The producer is responsible for all administrative tasks related to the shoot. They organize everyone involved into a schedule, work with the treasurer on a budget, cast the show with the director, and help the production designer with the art department. If your organizational skills are on point, join us and put them to a creative use!


No part of a project would happen without a writer. They generate an idea for a script, create a draft, and work on it with help and input from the club’s board and its constituents. Often, a writer will choose to direct their work—but that’s definitely not required. If you’ve got ideas, we want to turn them into a film!


Have you ever wanted to be a movie star? Here’s your chance! While you won’t get a trailer, we do have craft services snacks.

Director of Photography

The director of photography does the hard work of actually filming as we shoot. The DP works with the director to make decisions about shots and styles and adds their own artistic flair to the project. If you want to be right behind the camera, come shoot for us!

Sound Mixer

The sound mixer is in charge of everything you’ll hear in the movie. They operate the sound recording apparatus (our Zoom H4n Pro) and monitors the levels on set. Join us and wear big headphones!

Boom Operator

The boom operator is the sound mixer’s other half. They hold the boom microphone (our Sennheiser ME66/K6), positioning it as close to the actors as possible without being in frame. If you think you’re up to the challenge, this is an essential job on set.


The DP and their camera may be great, but they can’t see without light. The gaffer is responsible for making sure everything is lit appropriately. They work with the director and DP to light each scene exactly how it’s envisioned.

Props Master

The properties master collects, organizes, and controls every element the actors interact with that isn’t a costume or set piece. If they pick it up, the props master found it. Do you know where to find a lot of random items? We need you!

Hair & Makeup

Without someone continually making sure our actors look top notch, we would never be able to finish a film.  That’s why a good set always needs a makeup artist to make sure that not one blemish goes uncovered.

Production Assistant

A production assistant aides in every endeavor of the filmmaking process. Help with lighting! Set this person’s make-up. Transfer the talent from holding. PAs are essential to any set. And, yes, you help with everything, did we mention that?

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